What should I consider when hiring a personal injury lawyer?

  • Experience. If you believe you have an injury case, check to make sure your lawyer has a good reputation & experience with injury cases in the Rochester, NY area. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to answer any of your questions & will guide you through the legal process.
  • Communication is a vital part of any legal relationship, especially when you have been injured. You will quickly discover if a lawyer is the right fit based on the way the attorney communicates you. Ask yourself – do they listen to you & what you are saying? Are they compassionate towards you & your situation?
  • Availability. There will be times outside of regular business hours you will need to communicate any concerns, questions, & updates with the injury lawyer you choose. Make sure you can contact someone in the firm (by phone or e-mail) to convey information or concerns anytime, whether it be during the workday, after hours, or in case of an emergency.
  • Legal Fees. Most personal injury attorneys work on a ‘contingency fee’ basis. This means the attorney does not get paid until you win your case & get paid. Be sure you understand what the legal fees entail & whether there are any expected expenses that you could be responsible for & required to pay, regardless of whether or not you have a successful outcome.
  • No guarantees. There are no guarantees with personal injury cases regarding results or time. An exceptional injury attorney will give you their honest opinion (initially and/or after some investigation if the attorney takes your case) regarding your case and a realistic estimate of your case’s issues & timeline for potential outcomes.